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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

LED Music Lights

If you're a performer musician you can't just imagine groping in the dark trying to read your musical notes without a light, or it is just that the light is too dim. That's super annoying, and can badly affect your performance too! Let there be a bright light, and a heavenly music will be delivered to your audience completely, don't you think? ;)  

Consider a music light that can act as a space saver with a two-headed light feature, with extra long battery life, and without the need to replace the bulbs. This light has dual super LED lights with separate switches and can be used freestanding as well which can be clipped on a music stand, a DJ stand or boards. Plus, the prices are super pocket-friendly. 
You don't want to miss the hot deals for these items today, so better yet get them now while stocks are still available.

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Rare Find!

So, ten days ago, while I and my husband was walking while doing a tour in Washington DC, we noticed a sparkling jewel on the pathwalk. The narrow road wasn't crowded but it was pretty busy that day because of the embassies having open houses for the public to visit at the nation's capital.
My husband picked it up, and gave it to me. I thought it was just an ordinary bangle, but it is a Michael Kors brand. I verified it from MK website online, and it was the real thing.

The bangle is a Bedford Gold-Tone Buckle Bangle. It is not that super expensive, but not super cheap either ;). I wore it on my wrist the same day we found it, and it's lock is really kinda loose, that it fell off my wrist several times. No wonder, the owner of this bangle lost it. :(

Since we didn't know who owns it, I just kept it. For sure, if we saw the bangle fell from a person's wrists, we would surely let her know, but it was on the ground without anyone close to it except us.

If you happened to be the owner, let me know...and please show me your purchase receipt just in case! ;)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Support American Blood Clot Association!

According to many studies, there has been a low awareness level with regards to the dangers and educational information about diseases involving blood clots.
The best way to prevent them is early detection. The American Blood Clot Association (ABCA) is making this a top priority by conducting efforts to reach out to people through educating them and sharing them vital information about the danger signs and symptoms of these diseases.

Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism are just two of the major illnesses that affect many thousands of Americans from blood clots. More than 2 million Americans are surprisingly being diagnosed yearly being affected by DVT or pulmonary embolism, while at least more than 200,000 Americans die every year because of the mentioned diseases as well.

It is not enough to just know the signs and symptoms that these diseases can do. We need to involve ourselves in helping the public raise awareness to prevent the disease.
ABCA couldn't do this alone without the people's support. Why not get in touch with ABCA today? You can get involved and organize your own event, or share your experience, or donate for some financial help too.

It's not too late to be concerned. As we join with ABCA for agood cause, we are not only helping ABCA and other people, but helping ourselves too.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Considering To Take Your Groom's Name? Or Yours?

Most women do! I did too! :)
But some have personal choices not to. But if you are considering sticking on your name, think it carefully. Your decision can help you by considering the long-term implications for your family, marriage, career, finances, children and relationships.

Make sure to discuss whether or not you'll be changing your name with your future in-laws and parents before the wedding. If you are not changing it, be sensitive to your groom's family, particularly if they were expecting you to be the newest "Mrs. Green."

If you choose not to change it, check your jurisdiction in your city hall to find out about the name-changing process in your area.
Plan on filing papers either locally or online at least 30-90 days before your wedding.

Take note that you can't get your marriage certificate on the day you got married, but will be mailed to you few weeks later. But you can already use your new married name as soon as you sign the license.

Once you have your marriage certificate in hand, notify your institution that has your name on file, - such as the Social Security office, DMV, the IRS, your employer, etc...

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

Here is the best place to buy your acoustic ceiling clouds when shopping online. There are open boxes and slightly used items offered as well, and that can save you money as well. So, you get to see all Primacoustic Acoustic Treatments helping you to choose any style that fits your lifestyle.

These items have their own reasonable prices, but if you want to save more, they have discounts and hot deals available online. Take note that the earlier you shop online, the better you can get the best deal or even coupons. Hot bargains sell like hotcakes, so grab the chance while the offers are still hot!

Happy Spring shopping!!! ;)

Friday, March 27, 2015

How To Maintain A Healthy Lawn

Who doesn't want to have a healthy lawn?...afterall, we all want to have a pretty home with a healthy lawn, isn't it?
If you love working on your lawn, you can lessen your traumatic stress by following some simple tricks that work:

First, be sure to sharpen the blade of your mower. A dull blade can destroy your grass, leaving jagged edges that will turn to brown, and can result to disease. Re-sharpen your blade anytime you hit a rock, a large branch or a root.

When trimming, don't cut too much at once. Just trim no more than 1/3 of the grass blades overall height at a time. At least a weekly mowing schedule can help you stay and maintain the 1/3 target. If you missed a week, raise the deck and make 2 shallow passes instead of a deep cut.

You can leave a grass lawn with 3-4 inches long. This way, it can block weeds, keeping the soil moist, and as it grows deeper can develop a drought-resistant roots. You can then make a shorter cut in the fall, making leaf-raking easier.

Vary your mowing pattern to avoid compacting the soil. If your mowing pattern will be left to right in the weekend, shift it to an up and down pattern the next time, and diagonally after that.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Upgrading Your Kitchen Into An Amazing One!

Renovations can be a daunting task, but with a little imagination and choosing the ideal materials will be a sense of fulfillment in the end. I have been wanting to renovate my kitchen, and it so happened, I saw a highly recommended site to get woodworking supplies for kitchens. You can try visiting them on the web at 

 Browsing to choose items to buy is easy and not that stressful comparing to going to your actual store and shop around back and forth with a lot of walking. Plus, you can get to see all the complete collections....designs, and other supplies you need. Can't wait to do my DIY training for these! :))

Essential Wardrobes For Spring

Can't wait for spring to finally come! I know it feels we still have a long way to go through a lot of winter storms and snows before we could see the colorful nature pop out once again. But being a positive thinker myself, the harsh effects of winter will come to pass! ;)

And talking about wardrobe, while we have to endure the 3-4 layers (or even more) just to bundle up for winter, we can start preparing our shopping lists on what we can comfortably wear in spring with a simple yet classy look.

Here are some ideas I got from my valuable reads:

• Choosing bright accessories. You can choose to have bursts of colors that can punctuate your collections.
• Try a white blazer that are made of silk-linen. It can be worn with preppy polo shirts, - and can look crisp and clean.
• A high-wasted, wide-leg pants can be a perfect trend for you. You can pair it with a top that has a few frills, and you can even get that Summer of Love feeling. ;)
• A diaphanous dress. An ideal one would be a dress made of sheer cotton, silk or satin. This can feel light, soft and romantic.
• A white shirt. Choose a loose one, but not baggy, and pair it with indigo flared jeans.

There you go! You're good to go before spring comes.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Great Deals On Kiddie Outfits

Raising tots at home can be quite of a challenge, but it is truly rewarding in the end. Having a small baby at home can make the ambience lively, and just by seeing your little one from a long day of stressful work is so much of a relief! 

 Your baby boy deserves the best treatment. How about considering buying him some great baby boy outfits at Little boys are much easier to manage when it comes to choosing his clothing fashions, and you can conveniently choose any style easily such as a sporty look, a casual or dapper look, or just simply being of fun styles, and yet you can still turn them to be dashing debonaires! :)

Outfits are budget-friendly too, without compromising the quality of clothing you are looking for. You will see a lot of collections, which can make your choice much easier and more convenient to choose any fashion styles you want for your baby.
You might also want to consider getting your  gifts for your friends who have babies, including accessories and small items worth giving.

Enjoy your browsing! ;)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Food-Fighting Colds

Our grandma has always been teaching us aboutt some pantry cures for a case of the sniffles, but did you know that this is always true? Yes, it is backed by sience!! Here are the evidences:

Chicken soup. - It's the steam coming from the soup - with its magical blend of ingredients. This was suggested by one study. It helps clear out a stuffy nose.

Tea - Drinking a mug of hot tea will also help relieve congestion. Green and black teas may have anti-viral effects too, and have some anti-inflammatory effects as well which can help shrink inflamed tissues in your throat, according to Dr. Hagen.

Garlic - It has an anti-microbial effect although you have to eat a ton to get the virus-killing benefits :).

Orange Juice - it might not be the best bet but it can increase your fluids and vitamin C's, but according to a research, vitamin C's cold fighting effects isn't definitive. Just be watchful as it is high in calories, so just stick to one glass, then switch to tea or water.