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Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Own Blog Domain

Hey, at last I got my new blog domain. I am currently running several blogs which are all sub domains. Of course, usually these are for free, so I thought of why not getting my new blog domain, one that I can really talk on about certain topics that I chose to blog about. Well, here it is, and I have to take it from the start.

Thanks to my friend Lisa for giving me the tips. I was able to redirect it without any hassles, by following the instructions.

So, now, I've got one more aspect of me to blog about...being a wife, a really blessed happy wife, that is!

Happy Sunday!


Lisa said...

Hi sis!

Congrats to your new domain. I'm happy for you. Sure I'll link you up in my blogs. Sige hataw tayo sa pagblo-blog.