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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Yesterday, I had spent working assembling my computer table which I bought few weeks ago before we left for Philippines. It was like 3-4 hours ordeal doing the carpentry, lol! My husband told me he will just do it when he comes home from work, and 3 days passed, nothing was done. He would just arrive home so tired and sleepy as he was catching the 2 weeks time of his absence from work. I understood how he was feeling. Although he wasn't verbal about telling me he can't do it, that means it would not be possible for a few weeks. So, I thought of doing it.

I hit my thumbnail several times with a hammer, spent my arms both putting full force on the screw drivers to lock the screws. (I got several types of screwdrivers for different types of screws, hah!) And after 4 hours, I was done half. It was fully rewarding though.

I surprised my hubby when he arrived home. He didn't expect I can really do some carpentry job. The only thing he uttered was "I'm so proud of you." And he gave me a tight hug and a sweet kiss....aaaawwww! I was so happy!

Last night, he finished it, and is now ready for moving into my office room. Gosh, am excited :))


Chant said...

great! I love doing such things a feeling of fullfilment

angelnoah said...

you're right sis! :)