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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wardrobe Revamp!

Okay, so this took me at least a day doing it, not to include my hubby's wardrobe. We only have one wardrobe room at our master's bedroom, and can only occupy hubby's clothings. He is currently using it. I am using the wardrobe cabinet in my office room and can only occupy one type of wardrobe for a certain season! So, other of my clothings are being on another wardrobe cabinet in our kiddies room...good thing that room is vacant. We converted it as a guest room though, so if ever guests come and stay for several days, I'm afraid I need to get the clothes out again, and move it to somewhere else around the house!...geesh! perhaps at the basement.

I did pull out my summer clothes and change back to winter clothings, so it's a lot of work if you have many stuffs in there.

I am not yet fully done gathering all the winter jackets and the like to put them in the same closet. As you can see, the cabinet above my closet is getting crowded, so I am still wondering how can I reduce the bulks and save more space. I hate folding bulky winter clothings, as they are not really foldable. Hanging them in the closet looks the same. :( More coming)

These are my summer clothes. I got the most of summer clothings since I love to wear them more than wearing a layered clothing during winter. That means I love the summer most :)


JAZEVOX said...

our closet is full as well, i could definitely use more space