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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

All About My Man

This tag came from Lisa.

=How old Is ur Lover?
Not too old, but not too young...:))

=What is Ur lovers Fav. Color?
Torquoise or blue

=What Is ya Lover Fav. Movie?
Nothing in particular.

=What does Your Lover like to do most?
Spend time with me. :)

How much Do u LOVE your LOVER?
More than anything else.

=Is Your Lover a Flirt?
Not at all.

=Where did U and Your Lover FirstMeet?

=How Long Have u and Your Lover Beengoing out?
3 years
=Do u and your Lover Parents Have a good relationship?
His parents already passed away.

=Does your lover like night or day?

=Do your Lover like Rootbeer orSprite?

=Do you and your Lover get along?
Very much.

=Do you and your Lover Fight? If soWho Wins the fight?
No...we just argue and laugh at it at the end :)

=How often do u go to your Lovershouse?
I live in his house.

=What does your lover call you?

=Is your Lover older or younger thanyou?

=Does your Lover buy you gifts often?
Yes..very often

=Do you Hate your Lover AT TIMES?
Not at all.

=What is your LOVER fav. Sport?

=Do your lover tell you everything?
99.9% yes. :)

I'm tagging Chant and Mitch.


Chant said...

thanks sis for the tag, have a good day