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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Aftermath

The day after christmas, it wasn't a good time for rest, but at least I am more at ease with nothing to think about big preparations!...but I am back to my chores as expected. It's my routine, and I don't have to complain.

Tough Laundry!...and although I have the big washer and the dryer as my helpers, it took me 2 days to do all of it completely, from the washing, folding and pressing. Thank God, I don't have to iron my hubby's dress shirts. It's my ever reliable Tobi who does the pressing. (By the way he is my steamer. :)


Kalat ano?...I separate them by colors, and I use the whole laundry space doing it. Doesn't matter, it's my territory anyway Lol!



My Tobi - the steamer