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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Finally, my new PC Desk!

Finally, it's just so rewarding to see my new computer desk up and ready for use. I had labored 4 hours to assemble it, and now it's standing :) Oh, by the way, my husband did the foot part, so it's a 50-50 work done. Lol!The moving was the hard part as my hubby and I decided to disassemble the foot part again just to fit itself on the door. It was assembled on the other room, but was adjacent to my office room. I am still reorganizing my stuffs on it, so it's still bare. By the time we come back from Florida, hopefully, a day or so of work, then I will be done.

Well, as usual, I am a housewife super busy as ever. I am again busy packing two luggages for our trip going to New Orleans and Florida. Plus, I am starting to do my christmas shopping online for gift givings. Christmas is coming and our tree is not even up yet! I am lagging behind, but no matter what, the spirit of christmas will surely begin....


Anonymous said...

Hi Ging, that's a nice computer desk, good for blogging hehe, enjoy your upcoming trip!:)