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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hanger Hang-Overs!

I got crazy over these hangers that are on my husband's closet. I saw it when I was getting out his clothes for laundry. It seems he always get tons of hangers hanging almost more than half of his closet's hanging bar. I got a bunch of the few months ago and placed them in a big husky bag for donations. It was taking me like forever to remove them out again of the closet.



Now, there are some more inside the husky bag for donations that includes old clothings as well. It's always a good thing to remove the unusable ones for donations. Mind you, it's taxable and it's a good help in making our tax refund increase :))



I agree with that, by donating some of those usable stuff will be helpful. There are many people who are unfortunate and by doing this simple deed helps them to buy something in a very reasonable price. You can tax write offs too. I work in a donation center and I know how it is like to help those people.

angelnoah said...

Agree ako sis...we donate several times a year and we do get back big tax refunds every year too :) And stuffs we give are really super old so that's a big help for those who are needy. What's the name of the donation center you work at sis?


The company I worked with is "HOPE SERVICES". We are raising funds for people with developmental disabilities. Its really to be in an organization where the main goal is helping people with the most needs.