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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Worrisome Moments

Gosh, since last Monday, I have been worrying when my husband suddenly complained of back pains. He said it all started when he tried lifting his carry-on bag before boarding our plane for New Orleans. Since he was teaching then at a symposium, he said he can still manage it and that was it for 3 days. Nightimes are sleepless for me as I hear him groan with pain. I had to rub an ointment on his back and is relieving it. We managed to buy some Bengay in a store close by so that was what I put on his back every night before he sleeps.

The day we were on our way to Orlando, he was really in pain but got relieved with ibuprofen. I asked him if he can still do it and if not we'll just cancel our trip and go back home. I also was thinking if it was a slipped disc...that's scary! and I told him to go to the doctor to let it be checked. He said he had this pain before and usually lasts for a week. Geesh, I still was worried.

Our first night in Orlando and he was in pain and can't hardly walk. I let him took ponstan SF, an analgesic and anti inflammatory pill, then put some bengay on his back after his hot shower on the tub. He had a good sleep and wasn't groaning...I was kinda relieved too and had a good sleep.

Our first day, early morning and he was better!!...thank God! He came back to being perky as ever :) He said there is some pain but mild, so he can walk going to the pak today :) He saw a pair of croc sandals, and he said they are good for his feet. It's kinda soft so it makes him protect his back we bought it. Here's his pair of crocs and he's wearing it:)

So far, so good complaints of backpains. It's just that he has to get a good sitting longer. Whew! Tough huh?