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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Expired Goods

I did my pantry, rearranging, etc...the other day, and I've noticed the pantry is as crowded as it can be. It's almost like the middle shelf is about to give way, and I was a little bit surprised to see that many of the canned goods were already expired! I am not fond of canned goods but it's always a good thing having some reserves from time to time.

Anyway, almost half of the goods expired and I had to throw them away. My mind brought me to a thought about the widespread hunger happening in the world, and here we are...having some expired food untouched on our pantries.


I had noticed that the expired ones were those my hubby bought when I was still in the Philippines. He used to eat canned goods while he was alone, and when he didn't want to cook for himself. I told him about that and showed him the cans. Gosh, he said he forgot those lol! Well, that's my husband! He would buy things he needs and the next day, he forgets he bought something like that, and ending up buying same thing again.

I have to just put those things he bought to a place where he can see them. Placing them inside a pantry, cabinet, drawer or a closet doesn't work folks. :)