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Monday, January 14, 2008

My Bug Zapper

This is not a tennis! It's my bug zapper which helps me a lot when some flying bugs go in my kitchen (and other parts of the house as well!). This is an amazing "friend"-handheld bug zapper with 2 button safety switch and is operated by 2AA batteries. Performance wise, it's excellent!

The only thing tough for me doing it is to catch the fly! lol...I sometimes would spend some hours chasing the fly (if the fly is really sleeky!) that's so annoying! Chasing a sleeky bug all around the house is dead tiring. But it's worth it when you catch the bug dead and burned on the spot.

One thing to be aware of though, is this should be used cautiously when kids are around. It's electrically activated once you press those two buttons, and touching the net is a big NO, NO! So...long way to go for my bug's my angel! :))



Moneymaking Journey said...

hi,ging! thanks for the drop on my site, beautifulandhappy. I already added your sites to my blogroll. Know what, I have seen this bug zapper numerous times, and i think it's funny. though I almost bought one.
alam mo naman dito sa pinas, dami lamok. :(. hmmm, now i am having second thought if bibili ako.hehe.