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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Purse "Addict"

At least that is how my hubby is describing me :) But I keep insisting I am just a plain purse collector. lol!

I don't know why, but everytime we go shop, I always find myself amused with these stuffs and I always end up on the bag section of every department store that has it :) My husband would always exclaim "Oh no,...not again!" and would shake his head. I'm sure he is not mad though. I know his face when he gets upset.

Lately, I have been noticing my purses are running out of place, hehehe...I bought a purse hanger organizer, but since it only can hold 7 purses, I think I overloaded the hanger which is 2:1 ratio. I have to remove some and place it inside my closet. I have to set aside a space for just the purses. My husband would tease me,..if I can use them one design per day? He was noticing most of those that I bought haven't been used since I bought them. Geesh! I should :)

One time my husband was telling me, one of his co-workers were asking; "What is in purses that women are really into these days?" happened his wife too are fond of purses. Well, I told my least am not alone hahaha! Then I told my hsuband to tell him the answer: - that's the essence of bein a woman! LOL!



And oh by the way, I got a cute purse from Disney. The size is small, but don't underestimate it, got multiple interior pockets which is what I am really after to ;)



Amel's Realm said...

Hi, Qing!

Added you already to my blogroll. I also LOVE multiple inside pockets in a bag or purse he he...VERY convenient!!!

Sunshine4Life said...

hi ging, that's too much collection!@ hahaha. my space can still hold some more so send some over here and i will keep them for u at same time gagamitin ko pag akoy lalabas. hahahaha

anyway, i give some of my purses of the last has lasted 3 years so that i got more space for the last 2 years (2006-2007 and this year). I just have 8 left. :)

AngelNoah said...

Oo nga mga least I know am not alone when it comes to purses coz most of the women's weaknesses are one of those hahaha!

hayaan mo sis...papadala ko sa yo bukas lol!