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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Does Your Husband Snore?

Are you aware of that thing "nasal strips"? There are a lot of these in a convenience store, and it says it reduces snoring :)) I bought one and told hubby to use it. Then, just tonight, he used it. My golly!...he is still snoring soooo loud!!! LOL!

He used to have a nasal operation few years ago because of too much snoring. Up to now he still snores, but he said it used to be worst before he was operated.

Anyway, it's just a matter of "getting used to it"! It seems his snores are already a music to my ears :) But there are times that I can't really sleep with his snore. I have to shake him to wake him up because I can't just bear it.

When I get too tired, hubby's snore is all but a plain "lullabye" :))



I remember the time when I just arrived and first time to ever slept with hubby. I couldn't get my sleep. No matter how I tried til I reached to the point of taking sleeping pills and put ear plug. Now, im getting used to him but at times I shake him so he'll noticed that I am bothered.

jan celiz-magtoto said...

haha! so, i'm not alone!!! my hubby's snore is like a roaring thunder! kinda used to it too. yet there are still those evenings when i end up waking him up. not because i couldn't sleep but because i'm too scared hearing his snores. i go gaga that he might suddenly stop breathing!