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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Early Valentine Gift

This was actually given by hubby mid week of January yet.

While we were on our way to the grocery store, he asked me what do I want for Valentine's day. I told him it doesn't matter, and he doesn't need to buy any gift. Maybe a quiet dinner together will just be okay for me. But he suddenly blurted he has something for me as an early gift. I asked hin "any clue?"...he said "a pet." I asked...a dog? he said, yes, at the trunk. Gosh! I was thinking it was a real dog :)) and was wondering why a dog at the car's trunk with a temperature so cold and freezing out there?! Then, this is what he put on my lap while closing my eyes. (he told me to close my eyes...surprise daw nga eh :))


a red dog stuffed toy!...and with a droopy eyes! hehehe... He named it "redski."...coz it's red. I named him Dan dee, because that was his name being written on his butt! :))

So, guess who went to bed first that night...Dan Dee. He grabbed my spot, and we ended up sleeping together. Sowee, hubby was a bit farther away from me that night. Next day, he said Dan Dee has to move, and so Dan Dee's at the kiddie room...still sleepy and groggy. :)


Rocks said...

aaawww! that was so sweet..and what a nice red dog!

Lisa said...

I love stuff toys myself, kahit di na ako kiddie. I have lots of collections of them. My youngest step daughter knows it and she gave me one on Christmas 2006.