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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Mug (Cup) That Runneth Over :)

This is hubby's old, old mug. I don't understand why he loves it so much that he doesn't want me to give it for donation :). Actually, he is a mug collector, and I tell you, he had all our pantry cabinets filled with mugs, different sizes, colors and shapes, and textures. He is a coffee lover, that I won't wonder having mugs being kept all around the house :).

One time I just decided to throw it away in the trash can, and I got one mug from his collector's shelf to replace it. Gosh! the next morning, he was looking for it like crazy, and I told him it's already in the trash...I couldn't imagine, he was digging the trash that day...hahaha! Well, he was able to recover it, and so I got to wash it with a half bottle of clorox bleach! d

And so, he revealed to me he loves the mug because it is lighter for him to carry it. I told him he has to collect lighter mugs next time. All the mugs he has collected are breakable and heavy. If only I can sell them, we'll be getting more than a hundred bucks LOL!