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Friday, February 15, 2008

My Happy Valentine!

My hubby was asking me the day before Vday how would I want to celebrate it. I told him I don't feel like going out, so I just decided, why not just celebrate it quietly at home. We both agreed and he volunteered to cook steak for our dinner. He cooks them excellently, and so he did. He was asking me again what would I like for Vday...I said nothing. Just his presence is enough. (Well, he still gave me gifts as usual...he is fond of surprises). Feb. 13, a dozen of colorful roses arrived at the doorsteps! Of course, who else would give me that???

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That's me carrying it. lol!

I also had a box of heart shaped chocolates, a necklace, a blazer, and an you can see I am wearing and showing them hehehe....color combinations seem to be looking awful, but who cares anyway :)) It was a good try out!

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So yummy! Couldn't wait to eat them!

Our dinner was good, and we enjoyed it both. My husband cooks a very good and tasty steak...that is his specialty! I tell you steak was yummy! That was our valentine day celebration. We celebrated it simply and quietly but memorable for me. Thanks hubby for being so loving as always. Luv ya..mwah!

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Geo-Lis said...

Wow, what a sweet couple! I wish you all the best this life could offer. Stay happy as ever.

Beth said...

that is so sweet :)

Josh of Arabia said...

so sweet naman..may u live happily ever after :)

AngelNoah said...

thank u all guys...we keep on praying for a more blessed relationship ech day :)
Be happy!