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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Heater Buddy

If there's one thing hubby and I that differs, it's our body temperatures! :) I tell you why...he sleeps without blanket, wearing his shorts and tank tops during winter time while I sleep with my jammies, with a blanket and another electric blanket :)). Of course, our heater would always be set to 70F and that's "warm" for hubby. It's cool for me. (not cold). During nightime, it becomes cooler for me. Perhaps its because it gets cooler temperature outside and we don't adjust our heater...still at fixed 70F. Or else...hubby would be perspiring like crazy lol!
Whew! Thank God for my electric blankie...saves me from possible freezing at night.



Chant said...

wish I had one like that :)