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Friday, February 29, 2008

Nasty Comment!

I received one comment that sounds nasty to me. It made me irked a little bit because he was accusing me of sunscaring people about my post "What You Should Know Behind Sun Tanning." First and foremost, I am not scaring people because my blog readers are very responsible readers and well educated. I am not making my own post on my own but I share them basing on what I read and are purely medically proven by research. I am a nurse too, so more or less I should know the responsibility of posting an article that tends to help rather than "scare " people away, you know what I mean? Sorry, JAMES, but that was your name on the post. Are you SCARED?? It seems you are the one scared...(lalaki ka pa naman!!). You can't even show your identity profile. Let me tell you, stop giving nasty comments if you don't seem to be responsible in giving comments to other people's blogs. If you have a tanning salon, you might as well promote and blog about it, rather than accusing people of scaring them about tanning.
Well, I am posting your comment here. Of course, I rejected it to be published, but I am copying it here, much more being seen by the public rather than just being a comment below my post. perhaps, you might feel happier about it.

Here is his comment:

"you must work, directly or indirectly, for a cosmetic company or a magazine that lives off cosmetic ads. A tan, used in conjunction with an SPF, is the best way to protect your skin. Stop making money off telling people the sun is bad for you. Over 50% of the people in the US are Vitamin D difficient and that is in part due to cosmetic companies wanting to make money off "Sunscaring" people. "

And oh, by the way, that post is not a paid post. I am not making any money out of it for your information. I can perhaps make money about it if you can offer me what type of SPF do you use and I would help you blog about the price, and we'll talk about it okay?? :)

I have been receiving comments about my paid posts as well, giving me a link to promote their site, but I didn't give a damn about it. It's because I thought of that as a certain way of helping people promote about their site, (though I am not sure if this is allowable for the ad sponsors). But this type of comment is a different story. It's some act of irresponsibility and immaturity. That only shows what kind of a person who doesn't read much about a topic. He was purely basing on the post and made an accuse right on the spot. You still need to READ more, James. You're running out of information.