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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Once Hubby Works....

At home, I and hubby have our own working areas. I work upstairs (in my office room) and he works downstairs, at the basement (he calls it his cave). I am a well organized person, hubby is the opposite. Whenever it's cleaning time, I make sure for him to know I am not touching his bunch of papers and never mess up his place at all...he understands because he cleans his own mess lol! Well, before I took of this photo, I made sure he knows that I'll gonna be blogging about it :) He agreed! hahaha!
Now, here's the evidence...and I am the witness. Take note....the mess! But you know what? The more messy he is, the more he does a good job in his work. There you go, I told the secret :))

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