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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Page Rank 3!

Oh yes, it's overwhelming, but consistency wise, it's not to be something being depended upon. It must have been good to have this rank from I am a witness, with so much opps lined up, overwhelming amount. It's a big WOW! How much more if you have higher than 3??

I love blogging ever since. I started from scratch without thinking of getting money out of it. Because of too much surfing, here I am now, joining the paid blogging world, with a lots of ups and downs, fun and sometimes bad times, but the essence of blogging about yourself and about what's on your mind, your feelings, life, family, just a joyful thing to share. (without getting paid).

I am so much blessed financially. I don't need to crawl and get sleepless nights just to get that money. But you know that thing as golden chance? While you enjoy blogging, it is much more fulfilling blogging and getting paid too :)). It's like eating your piece of cake is tasty, but eating your cake with your favorite ice cream on top of it is much tastier, right?

Now it's PR3, tomorrow is what?...not that important. The bottom line is: "Strike the iron while it's still hot."...don't you think?

Gosh! Will google actually release its spiders to crawl on this post? Naku po! Patay tayo...:)).