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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Perfume Collections..anyone?

I am not fond of collecting perfumes, but I do wear some scents rarely...on special occasions and sometimes to church. Other than that, I just stick with lotion. Anyway, if anyone of you collects perfumes, let me know,...if price is negotiable LOL!

Seriously, I don't even collect them, but it seems I am getting at least couple sets every christmas :) I do have perfumes that I love to wear, actually only 2 kinds. I am using Victoria's Secret Heavenly Angels and Moonlight Path from Bath & Body Works. I am not promoting the product, but I personally chose them because I love the scents...just mild and elegant.

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But now, I am wondering how can I keep them without cluttering my dresser. I am running out of space!...:0 Most of those haven't been used since I got them. Good thing is that I didn't buy them so no regrets if I can't really use them. The strong scents are unbearable for me to smell and give me headaches. Whew! that's not good.

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Anyway, I am ending up getting a balikbayan box to stuff those in. So far, that's the best idea I've got. After all, they would love that in the Philippines. They will be happy, I will be both are happy! hahahaha!!


Admin said...

Hi Angel, sorry off topic. Dumadalaw lang. Happy blogging.

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