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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pinawife's Den is now a dollar earner site :)

I am so glad, two sites already approved this blog today. I just had my first post and I still have 2 pending from blogitive for this blog. But for the 3 active blogs that I submitted, blogitive gave me 6 opps for 48 hours :0 It's a little bit challenging for me to do opps at blogitive because they require opps to be at least in between two non-paid posts! I have 5 blogs up and running actively all at the same time, and it's nerve wracking. ..poor me, it's because I keep on adding blogs LOL!

Meanwhile, although PPP had approved pinaywifesden, opps there seem to be aloof for me. I can't even get opps which are colored white (which means it should be available for me). My dashboard wasn't been updated, and so I submitted a ticket. Hoepfully, my queries would be answered sooner this week.


Sunshine4Life said...

good morning, ging! am gladto hear ur doing well in eaerning D. pa share naman dyan ng link. will they accept non-domain sites? I haven't tried PPP yet "again" but i will one day. Hope i can be approved na this time.

am so sad today. my wordpress blog is unaccessible now. I really dunno why. it jst suddenly gave me a notice that am using a wrong password. I feel parang a part of my life is gone. ahhhhhhhhhhhh am just talking sad nonsense.

ingat ka dyan, Ging.