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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pinay Wife Gets So Much Busy To The Max!!

For the past 3 nights, I have been battling through sleepless nights working on our church website. I get to sleep as late as 4AM. I had missed many blog opportunities, I know, but on the other side of the story, it is the only least I could do for the Lord. That's only a tiny sacrifice compared to the tons of blessings I have been receiving from Him daily. It is my constant prayer as well as asking thanks for making our website up and actively running, garnering more people to come and worship with us in our church. If you have time please feel free to visit our church website, Laurel Church of God here in Maryland. I currently run it, being the webmaster. Of course, it's tough because I have been into blogging and currently maintains more than 4 blogs,so to speak. As of now, I am adding more page to it and working on our pastor's corner :)
Then, today, I got the chance to rest and update my posts in here. I am almost done with my laundry of "tons" of dirty clothes, plus, just got done with my floor vacuuming. Kirby (my ever heavy vacuum cleaner) became stubborn today because while I am doing the stairs, his roll brush suddenly went off!!! Gosh, I got panicked a li'l bit...then I had 30 minutes fixing him back. I spent like 5 minutes looking for Kirby's manual just to read how can I return back his roll brush.
Can you imagine, I had to vacuum 30 steps of the stairs from upstairs going to the basement???Gosh, it's tough and muscle wrecking.
So tell, me if I don't deserve any rest...well, I thought I should. So here I am...resting with a cool bottle of soda and a plate of my Doritos chips!