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Monday, February 25, 2008

Pinay wife's top secret..revealed!!! :))

Yes, now finally it's revealed. Actually, that silly beats was taken few days before christmas while decorating up our tree. I thought of a thousand times thinking if whether I should post it or not.

Well, at last I told myself, what the heck, this is my site, who's telling me not to post it, anyway? Afterall, I love the song, and am still looking the title of this song. Anyone knows who sang it and what's the title. If anyone knows out there what the song title is, I would appreciate it if you can share it with me. :) Thanks in advance.

By the way, I might be misunderstood as a wife gone wild, hehehe...but believe me, I was just having fun, and that's it :)). Don't worry, it's just a short video clip!

Whew! now I revealed the secret steps of the award winning dance for American Idol, LOL!


letjim14344 said...

Hi. ang cute mo naman... the title of the song is "Come On, Ring Those Bells". I don't know the singer eh... :) Have a nice day!

AngelNoah said...

Hi, thanks for sharing the song title sis...appreciate it :) Am looking for the lyrics na hehehe...

Lisa said...

Hi sis! I like this video of yours. So cute!!! Graceful kang sumayaw gaya ni Craig. Dapat sayaw kayong dalawa and ask somebody to take your video.