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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A practical way to whiten your whites.

Sometimes, too much bleach is harmful for clothes. I have so many instances where our whites at home are becoming lesser usable because of too much bleach. There is a retro alternative that I read in a magazine on how to make your whites whiter without the harsh bleach.

Launder cotton whites in a cold water with 1 spoonful of tartar cream. This is usually being sold in the market (along spice aisle) ;), and then mix it with your usual laundry soap.

A great tip...worked for me :)


Nancy said...

hello ging.. not quite certain how ur cbox works so i thought of duplicating my message in
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pls. kindly add this other page of mine to yours too..if it's ok..

Keep blogging and TC!

Anonymous said...

This is nice advice, I think I'll try it!