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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Smorty Pays You To Blog!

Smorty is one good site that pays bloggers to blog. But the real good news is; it gives benefits to both the advertisers and bloggers alike. While bloggers get paid for blogging, advertisers can boost their search engine rankings with quality inbound links from thousands of blogs and at the same time increase their website's traffics, So, for advertisers, this is a great chance for you to advertise on blogs. Actually, there are a thousands of blogs out there waiting for you. At Smorty, you pay only for the posts you approve. Once you start advertising, a lot of thousand bloggers with fully indexed top quality blogs will get the chance to review your site and be noticed in the content posts of many blog articles.
Bloggers, work with Smorty and get paid to blog. No need to advertise, it's purely opinionated which means you only have to write what's on your mind. Start submitting your blogs today, and start from there.