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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Customer Service, Please?

This afternoon, I requested my husband to drop by at the grocery store for some fruits. After a while he called me from the grocery store that he has been waiting for 25 minutes at starbucks for his coffee because nobody was there to attend to him. One guy had to go and tell him that they lack people there, so he wasn't able to order his coffee. Anyway, they gave him a small card good for a FREE coffee anytime he goes back there. Good thing was, he wasn't in a hurry getting the coffee. :).
Talking about customer service, I still can say they have a good service. Just that they lack more workers in there. I can't seem to always think what customer service in the Philippines is when it comes to this case scenario. I wonder if this will happen to me in my own country, will I be treated the same? It seems, FREE complimentaries are hard to give in the Philippines...talking about coffee shops, restaurants, fast food, when they ran into trouble on the customers.
We were in the Philippines that time, and we ordered food at a famous fast food chain. Order #1 was not available. Order #2 was available but burgers ran out...Order #3, was a mistake, hubby got irked! We ended up paying all of it...take note, no discount, no complimentaries. So, that's what customer service in the Philippines. How I wish, Philippines would somewhat adopt what customer service in the US is.
Well?...[shrugs shoulders}.