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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Dan=Dee's" of My Life :)

Dan-dee Red has now a new companion in bed. For the past couple of nights, Dan-Dee Red has been with me in bed. Meet his new companion, Dan-Dee Bunny! :). Bunny officially came to his new home last saturday, in time for easter the next day! lol. A good easter gift for dan-dee red. Red doesn't get jealous, because he seemed to be quite a lot in trouble with his "dada" these days in bed, felt crushed and smashed every time his "dada" is on bed :). Now, bunny is in toruble too, lol! Loving them both. They are both cuddly and they don't irritate my nose with those hairs they got.



Wiggle it, just a little bit!! butts up for dan-dees!


Dezz said...

sis hehe thats funny! Dan-Dee both our nick, I have mine but yellow and white lol!