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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Done in 60 Seconds!

It's just a good thing to have this nail polish which I bought in wal-mart few months ago...I can do my nails in a minute :). I mean, that is if you don't include the minutes you spend for the cleaning only. LOL!



Anyway, I haven't done my nails since winter started, so just imagine how my nails were wearing socks all the time. One day before we departed for LA, it was good that when I removed my socks I saw all my nails grown so's awful looking at it lol! And so, I ran up the bedroom and cut them off with my clippers...then, cleaned them after which I used my 60 seconds nail polish. Presto! my feet are proud to wear open sandals time for my LA tours, hahahaha...I feel more comfortable walking in a flat open sandals for tours, plus the fact that weather is warmer, perfect!