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Monday, March 24, 2008

Dream Warnings

I don't know if you find this weird, but up to now, it still happens to me. I don't exactly believe in dreams, but sometimes, perhaps it's one way of giving us warnings or signs. They say your dreams are products of a troubled or tired mind. Sometimes, a guilty mind, and if it's a peaceful mind, you probably had the most touching, nicest dreams in your life! :).
My case is, whenever I dream of eating in my dreams, it's always a BAD sign on my health. It's either that I get sick or bad headaches, etc. I should have been ignoring this, but it has been consistently happening since I was younger. I am always praying that how I wish I could overcome and fight for it so I wouldn't get sick. On the other hand, I am thinking it might be God's one way of telling me a warning on how I should be taking care of my health...perhaps, sometimes I am careless taking care of myself?
I still remember when I read a book about dream interpretations. It says that when you dream about eating, it's a sign of good health!!...geesh, it's the opposite for me.
This really wonders me. I would prefer eating while am awake rather than in my dreams :).