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Friday, March 21, 2008

Health Buzz-What You Should Know About Breast Lumps

What it is: A mass of tissue or swelling in one or both breasts.

Why it's not necessarily serious: While it's natural to immediately think of the "big C" if you find a lump in your breast, take note: 95% of breast lumps are benign. Causes such as blocked milk ducts, hormones and fibrocystic breasts can all contribute to breast lumps. If you find a lump during your menstrual cycle, wait until youdr period is over before going to get it checked out. Many lumps are hormone-related and may simply disappear at the end of your cycle.

When to worry: In general, a lump that moves from one location in the breast to another is innocent, while a persistent mass in the same area is a cause of concern. You should always get a lump checked out just to be safe, and be aware of cancer warning signs, such as hard or immobile lumps and nipple discharge.