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Friday, March 14, 2008

Health Mistakes...even doctors make!

Are you too embarrassed to be 100% honest with your doctor? Well, here's the secret for you: They are not perfect either. Here, doctors admit their health blunders to inspire you to open up! :).

The Revelations:

" I often get only 4 hours of shut-eye a night-and because I'm chronically sleep deprived, I tend to rely on doughnuts and caffeine for quick energy fixes. There's no question that if I were my doctor, I'd be lecturing myself about my bad habits."
-Internist MARC SIEGEL, M.D., New York City

"I came down with a stomach bug one day when I had a full load of patients sitting in my waiting room, so I just took an antinausea medication and kept going. Even though I tell my patients to read drug labels carefully and beware of side effects, I didn't really believe I'd get extreme drowsiness. Well, I got so groggy that I accidentally pulled a file cabinet on top of myself-I had to walk out all scraped and bruised and send my patients home."
-Family physician ANN KULZE, M.D., Charleston, S.C.

"A few years ago,I went out for a romantic dinner with my husband, got a little tipsy, forgot to put in my diaphragm when we got home, and - boom - child number 41 years old!"
-OB-Gyne HILDA HUTCHERSON, M.D., New York City