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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

HELP!!!How can I get rid of Clicksor Text Links?

Please help me...I am getting ads from clicksor and paypopup ads on my blogs. I am not a member of clicksor and paypopup sites, but I'm wondering why I got these ads. Is there anyone who got these and manage to remove them? Please share it with me if you wont mind? These ads affect my opps so badly because of the links that go inside my posts from these ads. My opps are starting to be disapproved because of this because these links automatically embed themselves inside my blog posts! :(. Gosh! This is a bad spyware! I am not interested in PPC ads, whoever did this, can you please be responsible enough to remove it? Be considerate enough. I don't want it.


babyfiona said...

Did you add in some script recently?? maybe due to that? try removing some add on by one , that may be helping..