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Saturday, March 22, 2008

High Quality Preserved & Treated Woods

Here comes a company that offers a huge variety of treated wood products such as transmission poles that are being used in the utility industry. Mostly, wood poles commonly used for building structures such as telephone poles come from wood species, Douglas Fir or Pine. Pacific Wood Preserving Companies have the largest selection of wood preservations and products with excellent quality control standards. Some of the products and treatments they make include landscape ties, lumber and plywood, Pac-Bor treated wood, railroad ties, starlocks, agricultural fencing, browntone for landscaping and decking, crane mats, laminated beams and many more. They commonly and currently cater to large group of utilities and contractors throughout the western part of the United States providing their products and services with exceptional quality and great service from highly trained staff. For further information regarding their choice of services, feel free to browse on the site.