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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ivy League Baseball Club

Hey, baseball fanatics, this is a site you should not miss. Those fans out there who love Chicago Cubs, for sure you'll gonna love Ivy League Baseball Club too, right? Just imagine watching your favorite Chicago Cubs or perhaps hosting your own party on one of the Wrigleyville rooftops, considered to be one of the most unique facilities in the country. It must have been so much fun, huh? Being established in 1918, Ivy League Baseball Club was made the first Chicago Cubs rooftop. It is located at the center of right field, 478 feet from home plate, closer to the action than many of the seats located inside Wrigley Field. By being on top of any of the Wrigley field's rooftops, you will get the best view. Wrigley rooftops can accommodate 200 people, so you can bring your party in as they specialize in hosting corporate groups as well. Ivy League has been actually named as one of the top places to hold your bachelorette party, and has been featured in a movie in 1994 including the Wrigley Field rooftop in one of the scenes. Ivy League Baseball Club has been officially endorsed by the Chicago Cubs so for sure, no regrets for your viewing experience. :) Start booking your space today! You can check ticket availability and schedule on the site.