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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jewelry Consignment & Buyers

Practicality wise, personal items such as watches, or jewelries are sometimes considered to be "monetary savers". Come to think of it, sometimes our budget just suddenly becomes depleted, and we end up running for the need of money urgently. In this situation, I am not excluding myself, but that was a few years back when I was still in college. There was a jewelry store close by our school that accepts watch consignment. I was needing money very badly that time so I had my watch for them in exchange for my tuition fee in school. I still remember this experience from time to time and sometimes, I had to go through recalling all the struggles I got when I was still on my way earning my degree the hard way. Well, it wasn't a bad ending. I was able to get a better watch when I had my first paid job, and until now it is still with me :).
There are also a lot of pawnshops today which are Jewelry buyers. In the Philippines, jewelry stores and pawnshops are making a good business because many people would sell their jewelries for emergency purposes. If that jewelry is out of a hard earned money, selling it away is not easy. Then you would just simply analyze that it is hard because it does not only have a personal value but also the price is precious, lol! Most jewelry stores would buy by karats such as gold and other precious gemstones. You do need quotes for the items from the store before they will accept it. Take for example diamond jewelries. Diamond consignment is practically based on the quality of diamonds and largely depends on its cut and size. There are those stores that offers high prices for diamonds depending on your item too.