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Monday, March 10, 2008

Look and Feel Great

Did you know that your favorite spa treatment may also provide you some healthy fringe benefits?

Take a look:

Treatment: Reflexology

What it is: A massage that target points in the feet believed to be physiologically linked to other parts of the body.

Healthy Benefit: Can help treat back pain, digestive disorders, arthritis and other health problems.

Treatment: Deep-Tissue Massage

What it is: A slow, penetrating massage that focuses on deeper layers of muscle tissue.

Healthy Benefit: Alleviates muscle strain and stimulates blood flow. Promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety and stress.

Treatment: Body Scrub

What it is: A brush, loofah or exfoliating product is used to scrub the entire body. After showering, moisturizing lotion is applied.

Healthy Benefit: Sloughs off dead skin cells as well as trapped dirt and oil. Helps increase blood circulation.

Treatment: Facial

What it is: The face is cleansed deeply using steam, exfoliation, extraction or other methods.

Healthy Benefit: Removes dead skin cells and fights acne. Infuses moisture into the skin. Encourages relaxation.