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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Love is Exciting

"Love makes the world go round."...sounds familiar right? Well, let's add more to is exciting too :). For a successful relationship, a couple's love for each other should be nurtured. How do we do that? Express it in a romantic way! Write romantic letters, love letters, making love poems, romantic date, and many more. It doesn't need to be the male who always does it. It should be a mutual thing to do for both of them. I felt so lucky I am in a relationship which is continously being nurtured. I can say our love for each other with my husband is blooming everyday, and is well taken cared of. Why? We both know the reason why and we are always aware of it. We both express romantic moments with each other, and we are both liking it. Love is not something to be kept and let it just stay there. It's like a plant which has to be watered and cultivated in order to grow. When was the last time you said I love you to your husband or wife? It's not a valid reason to say you are both busy to say that 3 golden words which are vital to strengthening your love for each other. There are tons of ways in expressing your "I love you's" to your loved one. It just depends on how you do it. Well, keep browsing and you'll get the ideas. ;)