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Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Coin Collections

I saw the value of these coins when I really started saving them. At home, I can see some coins scattered all around the house, from kitchen to garage :). Sometimes, I see some couple pennies on the trash bag, and know what? I constantly pick them and place them in my coin jar. Hubby hates carrying coins in his pockets, and so do I. But mostly, I would put them all in my purse pockets, and it's really heavy carrying them when they come in bulks! But it pays!!...I just banked $300 from them last year, and last week, I banked $276.50 :).





Some few $1. bills were added, as I collect them when hubby puts them anywhere else Lol! It was fun wrapping them, while hubby was helping. I managed to put out some $5 and $10 bills from my wallet to add some more to it. Don't you think coin collecting is a good hobby?


Beth said...

I am collecting coins, but they're mostly coins from different countries. Not just coins but bills too. And everytime my husband went overseas, he makes sure that he's got some coins and bills for me :)

AngelNoah said...

That's great sis...I used to collect those too before, when I had some penpals in different countries. Until such time that I got busy in school, and stopped writing that I lost all those coins...sayang!