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Friday, March 7, 2008

My Next Big Box

I am still working on my next balikbayan box for Philippines. This is actually the 3rd box I will be sending home. It is still more than halfway to fill it up, so I will just work on it after we come back home from our Los Angeles trip. Good thing about this is that I am not buying the stuffs for it. There are some toys for kids here that wasn't even used it yet which were left by the former residents here before, gave it all to hubby and now they are occupying a lot of space. Since we don't have kids, I thought of why not just send it home for nephews and nieces. How we wish we could have one, but God has His own reasons...another thing is there are lots of new clothes hubby doesn't wear coz he simply doesn't like hem :(. He mostly got those from christmas gifts he received last Christmas. So, give them away as well, I got some perfumes and make up sets that I don't use since I got a lot of them too, so they are all in the box. Box is still on standby waiting to be full :).
It's another task I suppose to do after our trip. Whew!



JAZEVOX said...

there is an LBC here in the states? ive only seen Fedex, UPS and DHL so far

AngelNoah said...

Yes,sis... here in Maryland, we have. Actually much cheaper than fedex :). But 2 months wait nga lang b4 ma receive ng recipient.