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Saturday, March 1, 2008

A new Investing Research Portal

Here comes, considered to be a new investing research portal. It's more on an investment website composed of regular, everyday investors. Wikinvest hopes to simplify investing with a few underlying principles that have shaped their vision, namely investing ideas and explanations. Why not read more about the company's article about research on Exxon Mobil. I am aware, Exxon Mobil is a very popular company and is the sixth largest energy companies in the world. The consistent production of industry-leading returns on equity and on capital employed has been an impressive record. I think this is highly a good timing to read about Exxon Mobil since they have a large essential role in contributing a good part of inestment in the world's economy today. What I like most about how this research has been presented is the way statistics are being provided in every detailed explanation. My attention was captured on the topic "Trends and Forces." This is where the statistical data are displayed with the detailed explanation. A good job in that part for those who are not really good of analyzing data (like me!). I am somewhat distracted by a lot of links on each paragraph though. You see, I am not good in numbers and statistical data as well as I don't consider myself much equipped with investment knowledge. But every link composes a more comprehensive explanation which make every presentation clearly presented. I am learning while I read...everything as a whole is interesting and ideas and valuable informations are pretty much distributed in the whole article.