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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our Buckwheat Pillows

We have been using these pillows made up of buckwheat hulls. I haven't seen how do buckwheat hulls look like yet, but it feels like corn grains. I actually ordered them online and we are both liking them with my hubby. It's cool to the head when temperature is warmer, and warms up the head during cooler temperatures. They say buckwheat hulls are known to be good relievers of tension headaches and snoring, although the latter seems to be not working for hubby :)). It seems it helps when you have tension headaches as I had experienced having some tension headaches at times, and went away the next day I am waking up. Hubby always like these types of pillows. The old one he got was actually made of corn grains, but it was sooo old and full of slobber LOL! So, I changed it to pillows made of buckwheat hulls. Took photos of the pillows as well.



Sorry folks, but that's the only way I can exactly get how the pillows look like. The case is permanently sealed so I can't open it and take a photo on the actual components inside. Or else, will have to destroy the case and reseal it again by sewing which I don't wanna do to save time. :). I am not even a good photographer. The camera lighting seems to be different in every angle and shots I take...but anyway, I thought it's worth sharing so here it goes. :).