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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Portable Humidifier

This has been helping me every night for my breathing. Usually, every morning I wake up with bad breathing and sinus headaches. It might be related to the weather too, particularly during the cooler season. We bought this one (wasn't sure where did we buy it, but I think this is available in any stores such as wal-mart) and tried using it couple of months ago. It helps humidifies the air that we breath and kills harmful bacteria in the air. It has a small jar inside fillable with water (cold water is the best), and then run by an electrical switch. Both hubby and I like it because hubby says he doesn't develop any dryness of mouth and throat all throughout the night. Really a good sleeping buddy for us :).


Notice the white spots on top of it? These are somewhat like crystallized liquids that comes out as vapors in the air. Just in case you're planning to have one, it's always safe to put a towel or any dry cloth at the bottom of it because vapors sometimes flow on the sides, but not much. I put a thick towel below it because it's creating a deep mark prints on our carpet. So if you have uncarpeted floors, the better.