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Monday, March 31, 2008

Petition to Remove Conditional Status

Back to the usual preparation of immigration paper works again. Although not much has been required on this petition, it's another more than 500 bucks out from our wallets! Plus, it seems they are requiring me to have another biometrics again (fingerprinting). :0 I got another new folder for this petition (I-751) and I labelled them according to the requirements to be included on my package. Whew! I've got a bunch of evidences, so I might as well submit them :). Meantime, I am still gathering some more evidences worth submitting, so currently the envelope is still incomplete.




Anonymous said...

Hi Ging ! You're so right, this filing will make you shell out 545dollars again. I know because I also filed for the removal of the conditional status last March,first week I guess. March 29 I had my biometrics at Oakland.

From the look of those boxes in the pictures, you have so many evidences and that's good.

Take care ..

shimumsy said...

the officer will be fully impressed with your preparedness.
sa dami naman ng papeles na yan.
good luck.