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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pinky's First Travel


Just wanted everybody to know that "Pinky" just had her first travel in the US...California! :). She was so convenient to carry, and had worked so good there. Of course, she had some stubborn moments, like she doesn't want to have those thumb drives forever stuck on her USB ports because she doesn't want to start working when you have those still inserted when turning her on. Other than that, she was just perfectly good and fast.
I was suppose to work on my blog at LA Int'l airport this morning, but they don't have free wi-fi there. Ridiculous...internet at LA Int'l airport has a charge of 0.25c per minute. Gosh! I don't wonder why not even one care to use those internet booths installed there. And why?...a large airport such as that doesn't even care to give a free wi-fi access to customers? Well, my "Pinky" went back to sleep, and so was I. :)).