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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pinoy DVD's

I must be getting forgetful because the other day, as I was cleaning the cabinets, I saw these DVD movies still unopened and remained untouched since I bought it. I remember we bought some Filipino DVD's at the Filipino store in Laurel, and then I put it in one of the DVD racks. Geesh, perhaps I was so confused about the DVD racks because we have it from upstairs to the work area downstairs, and another couple more in our entertainment room. Once hubby and I try to find some movies to watch, it will take us a while doing it, lol! Then, perhaps, we both got lazy finding some DVD one at a time in a rack, so we just have to rent at a nearby DVD stores for English movies. Now, at least I saw some movies I can watch anytime for any spare time I will have. At least there's something I can look forward to watching if I get bored blogging LOL!!