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Monday, March 3, 2008

The Product Efforts of Paid Blogging :)

Hey guys, as you know, I love purses. I did tell you about my collections few months ago, and now I got 4 more LOL! And didn't I tell you I am an online shopper freak?? Well, that was how I bought those...and came out from my paid blogging efforts :). I am not really fond of getting signature purses, I know it's kinda expensive running after those. I love colorful ones with many pockets...with a minimum of at least 6 pockets to a maximum of 9. Now, where can you easily find a purse with 9 pockets?? not unless it is a luggage perhaps? hahahaha....

These 4 here are with 6-7 purses, but those are all ideal for me especially when I go travel. I go for floral designs. I got one plain color (purple) because I haven't got one in my collections yet, and has 7 pockets. So, not bad...I love purple colors too :)).