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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Show That Beverly Hills Smile :)

Are you dreaming of having that Beverly Hills smile? Well, time to wake up because you can actually have that beautiful natural reality! Meet Dr. Kourosh Maddahi , a cosmetic dentist practitioner based in Beverly Hills. His unique combination of art and dentistry has made himself known as one of Los Angeles' leading cosmetic dentists. Actually, he must have shown an impressive performance that he was featured at Oprah's show because of the advanced technology in dentistry that he uses. His website reflects procedure informations through photos, so that patients can come in well informed regarding of the types of services Dr. Maddahi offers. You can actually witness the specific services the clinic offers through videos. It's so amazing how the advanced technology of cosmetic dentistry had gone a long way in helping many get compliments from that beautiful smile, huh? If you think you need to boost that self esteem of your smile related issues, it's time to meet Dr. Maddahi. He would be your guardian angel :)