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Friday, March 7, 2008

Silver and Unique Cufflinks is a London based company that offers designer men's accessories such as Silver Cufflinks. Most of these cufflinks have fun, fashionable and functional cufflink designs. The men's collections has even further expanded from cufflinks to jewellery and watches. Most of Tateossian jewelries are luxuriously made with a unique design for the seasonal collections of both men and women. Talking about fashion, these collections of contemporary designs have distinctive signature, constantly reflecting and reinterpreting trends in fashion. It is considered to be unusual and fashion forward, but timeless. This made the reason why Tateossian became the destination for men and women who are totally confident with their own sense of style, and choose key pieces each season to reflect and underscore their individual sensibility and approach to fashion. Tateossian has various store expansions in at least 45 countries with their most prestigious and fashionable boutiques and department stores.