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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Smartest Way To Pack

This might help by following this formula. I am a traveller, and that is how I do it :). The formula that I use is for two persons. So depending on how many persons you have, adjust the formula. Hope that helps :). I don't wear dress so, I don't usually include it on my luggage, lol! (as well as heels.)

Say you're going away for six days. Divide by 2 for the number of bottoms to pack, so bring 3 skirts or pants. For your tops, multiply by 1.5, so nine. Then add the following: one going-out dress, a weatherproof jacket, 2 pairs of practical shoes, a handful of jewelry and some high-octane heels (if you're going somewhere urban). Chronic overpackers, take just 1 single-wear item; everything else should be mixable. And save room to pick up a few new things along the way!